Harrison County, Ohio

Treasurer Office


As County Treasurer, one of my main goals is to ensure that residents of Harrison County receive the highest level of service possible while being a good steward of the taxpayers trust and finances.  If you have any questions, comments or concerns please feel free to contact me directly Vicki Sefsick at (740) 942-8864 or by email at vsefsick@harrisoncountyohio.org

As County Treasurer, I am entrusted with the County's finances and am responsible for the daily balancing of the monies in the County's 195+ funds. I am also the County's Investment Officer, managing an average portfolio of $15 million.

I serve on numerous boards as required by the law, including the Investment Advisory Board, Board of Revision and the Budget Commission.

Over the years I have seen the County's rapid growth.  This growth has caused a tremendous increase in the work load at the office and I am committed to increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of the office's operations.

Duties of the County Treasurer:

  • Annual general fund budget just under $115,000
  • 2 Full Time employees
  • Collect over $20 million in real estate taxes (on the average, 70% of these revenues goes to the local schools)
  • Chief Investment Officer for the County's $15 million portfolio.  Three goals are enforced through our Investment Policy: Safety, Liquidity, Yield
  • Cash manager, maintain and balancing tax payment records on more than 17,000 parcels and all monies collected by other departments
  • Balances all funds with the County Auditor
  • Redeems warrants issued by the County Auditor