Harrison County, Ohio

Bicentennial Events

In 2003 Ohio celebrated 200 years of statehood! Harrison County participated in the celebration with a number of special projects and events.

Harrison County Bicentennial Barn

Each of Ohio's 88 counties will have one barn adorned with the official Ohio Bicentennial logo. Harrison County's Bicentennial Barn is the barn at the Harrison County Home farm, located on U. S. Route 250 west of Cadiz, on the drive to Tappan Lake.

Residents of each county are asked to nominate barns for designation as the official Bicentennial Barn for their county. Normally the regional coordinator for the Bicentennial project selects the barn, taking into consideration a number of factors, such as location on a state or U. S. highway, visibility, condition and size of the structure, etc. In the case of the Harrison County barn, the coordinator narrowed the field of candidates to two structures and then an election was held at the Jewett Elementary School, with the current fourth and fifth grade classes voting for their choice, after hearing the pros and cons of each of the finalists. The overwhelming choice was the Harrison County Home Barn!

The barn, which is owned by the county, was repaired and painted. The logo was painted with the Bicentennial logo on Thursday August 23 and Friday August 24, 2001. The logo was painted by Scott Hagan, a Belmont County resident who has been retained by the state to paint each of the 88 barns. A reception was held as Mr. Hagan completed his painting on August 24 from 3-5pm.

The photographs below show the progress of the painting of the Harrison County Bicentennial Barn as the barn was painted on August 23-24, 2001.

At the time of selection.jpg Sketching the Logo.jpg August 24, 2001; Noon.jpg
At the time of selection Sketching the Logo August 24, 2001; Noon
After renovations.jpg August 23, 2001; 5 pm.jpg barn_done_large.jpg
After renovations August 23, 2001; 5 pm res ipsa loquitur
artists_canvass_lg.jpg At the end of the day .jpg Alyssa_large.jpg katie_large.jpg
The artist's canvas At the end of the day Alyssa and Katie get into the spirit!
August 23, 2001; 1 pm.jpg August 24, 2001; 11am.jpg The end result! .jpg
August 23, 2001; 1 pm August 24, 2001; 11am The end result!

Bicentennial Bell Casting

Each of Ohio's 88 counties have a 250 pound bronze bell commemorating the Ohio Bicentennial celebration.  The bells were cast on site, in each county.

Harrison County's bell was cast and dedicated on October 15 and 16 at Jewett Elementary School, in Jewett.  It is now located on the upper floor of the Harrison County Courthouse, 100 W. Market St. in Cadiz.