Harrison County, Ohio

Marriage License Laws

  • One applicant must be a resident of Harrison County, Ohio and show a valid ID
  • There is no waiting period
  • License is good for the State of Ohio only
  • If both applicants live out of state, they can apply here in Harrison County and they must get married in Harrison County.
  • If either applicant was divorced, they must produce the entry granting the Divorce or Dissolution from the very last marriage
  • License fee is $42.00 (cash only)
  • If the female is 16 or 17 years old, both parents must sign the consent.  If one parent has legal custody, then only his or her signature is needed.  A Minister’s Statement must be completed and returned to the Court before the license is issued.  A male, under the age of 18 cannot make an application unless he has both the consent of his parents and the Judge.  (The Judge usually does not allow the marriage unless the female is pregnant.  The couple must have a statement from the female’s physician stating that she is pregnant and her due date.  This statement must be presented before the license is issued.)  If the Judge agrees and the parents sign a consent, they will complete the form – Application for Marriage Consent by Juvenile Judge.  There is a $15.00 charge through Juvenile Court in addition to the $42.00 Probate Court Marriage Application fee.  A Minister’s Statement must also be completed.  If the female is under 16 years of age, she must have the consent of the Judge and her parents.  (She must follow the same procedure for the underage male as stated above.)  The Minister’s Statement must  be given to all couples if the male is under 18 and/or the female is under 18, regardless if she is pregnant or not.