Harrison County, Ohio

What is the Harrison County EMA Functional Needs Database?

The Harrison County EMA has maintained this Database for years, we are merely updating information to make sure that it is current.

Many of our residents may have trouble evacuating themselves in times of emergency. These may include flooding or the need to seek alternate shelters due to loss of electricity, in times of extreme or prolonged high temperatures and the need to seek a cooling shelter or in times of extreme or prolonged cold and the need to seek a warming shelter.

If you have mobility issues for example: are bed fast, on dialysis, in a wheelchair and may not have assistance with evacuation, you can register with our office. We share this information with the local Fire Department that serves your area. In the event of an emergency County Fire Departments are inundated with calls for service. By registering with this database, it helps to prioritize calls and direct our limited resources to those who need the assistance the most.

Your registration form  is maintained in strict confidence, and utilized only for evacuation purposes. Our database will be reviewed on a regular basis, to ensure accuracy and efficiency. We can send a representative from our office to your home to assist you with completing the form as well as providing additional educational material to help you prepare for a wide variety of emergencies.

Please call us at 740-942-3922

Registration Form