Harrison County, Ohio

Filing a claim with the V.A.

Our office has a long history of advocacy and successful representation of Veterans and their family members seeking benefits and services from the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). Our benefits Representatives (County Veterans Service Officers) are well trained, accredited and highly skilled at developing and prosecuting Veterans claims.

Please bring as many of the following documents with you as you can to help us prepare your initial claim for Veterans benefits.

  • A CERTIFIED copy of your DD-214 (Discharge) or other separation papers for all periods of service.
  • A copy of your marriage certificate and all divorce decrees (spouse included).
  • Spouse’s social security number and date of birth.
  • A copy of the public birth records and social security numbers for each child you claim as a dependent.
  • A copy of all service medical records you have.
  • Medical records you have showing you currently have this disability (diagnosis) and name of your private doctor.
  • Checking or Savings account numbers and routing number.

By providing as much information as possible to the V.A. at the time the claim is filed will allow the claim to procced through the V.A. claim process without interruption. The need to ask for more information will cause the claim process to slow down.