Harrison County, Ohio

Emergency Management Agency


Mission Statement:

The Mission of the Harrison County Emergency Management Agency is to provide a comprehensive and integrated emergency management system that coordinates community resources to protect lives, property and the environment through mitigation, preparedness, response and recovery from all natural and man made hazards that may impact our county.

Vision Statement:

Through planning, training and exercising we prepare ourselves, our citizens and response personnel to minimize the loss of lives and property. The Harrison County Emergency Management Agency will provide our residents, businesses and industries, non-profit organizations, and local government the education and support necessary to reduce the loss of life and human suffering; to minimize property damage; and to protect environmental sensitive areas from all types of disasters through a comprehensive, risk-based, all-hazard emergency management program.

Eric J. Wilson


Reverse 911 Signup

All Harrison County residents are invited to sign up for the Reverse 911electronically.  SImply follow  this link  , then select the "Register" icon at the top left of the screen. Answer the prompts, and you will receive either a confirmation e-mail, phone call or text(depending on which notification method you have selected) to verify you are enrolled. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call the office for assistance. (740) 942-3922.

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