Harrison County, Ohio

The Harrison County Home


The Harrison County Home is a well-constructed and majestic-looking structure located along State Route 250 in Cadiz, Ohio. With its distinctive twin towers shadowing down over the front lawn, the County Home remains as one of the most visited of the historical sites in the County. The original main building on the campus was constructed in the mid 1800’s but was laterdestroyed by fire. The new main building wasrebuilt in 1905 and occupancy took place in 1906. Over the years the operational objective of the County Home would experience a few changes, and so would the home’s name.


The Harrison County Home Building celebrated one hundred ten years of service in 2015. It is a stately, beige brick with large porches on the front and either end for our Residents to relax and enjoy watching the passing cars on State Route 250.

At one time, the Harrison County Home was self-sufficient, raising all the food for those who lived here. They operated a dairy, raised beef, pork and poultry, grew fruit in the orchard as well as huge vegetables. A shaft in the hill above the Home provided coal for heat. The gardens, beef and pork were raised on site as late as the 1970's. The Residents worked for their room and board.

Time has passed and so has the self-sufficiency of the Home. Our County Home is now a home for the elderly and is sourced by local tax levies and self-pay residents. The Home offers a friendly country home-like atmosphere. The second floor offers independent private rooms for individuals and couples. The main floor is primarily for those Residents who need more care. Over the years, an elevator and sprinkler system were added and updates are often done for our century old building. The entire staff is dedicated to offering the best care for our Residents.

The Home is a source of pride for Harrison County and is surrounded by lovely green lawns, mature trees and flowers. We are very proud to offer tours to anyone who stops to see us.

Resident support staff are screened, and a background check is part of the employment process. Once hired new employees are partnered with an experienced staff personal to assist them with orientation training leading to providing the most effective means of comforting the residents, the most appropriate interactions, and the best means of sharing in all the activities of daily living. Staffing at the Home is provided 24-hours a day.

The goal of the County Home is to continually meet the needs of the residents of Harrison County and the surrounding area, while remaining economicallyand strategically prepared as the first choice for eithera short-term or long-term living arrangement. Couples are encouraged to consider the accommodations of the Home, as private room experiences are featured asliving options. While offering a home-like experience, the County Home and its staff lend a part in the efforts of bringing a taste of home to a facility that has “a famed historical past with a promising future”.

For more information on how the Harrison County Home may best meet the needs of your family and friends, please contact us. Ask about our Respite and Hospice Care Programs.

Facility Operating Name: Harrison County Home

Administrator: Albert Peters

Phone Number: 740-942-3573 Fax: 740-942-3663

Email: apeters@harrisoncountyohio.org

Address: 41500 Cadiz Dennison Rd; Cadiz, OH  43907
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Alzheimer/Dementia Care
Adult Day Care
Bariatric Care
Formalized Wellness Programs

Short stay for Respite
Skin and Wound Care
Behavior Care
Hospice Care

# of Certified Nursing Beds    0
# of Uncertified Nursing Beds   50
# of Licensed Assisted Living Beds  0