Harrison County, Ohio

Economic Development/Local Business Assistance

Revolving Loan Fund

The Harrison County Revolving Loan Fund (RLF) program fund seeks to derive economic development benefits by plugging the gaps in existing local financing markets.  The Fund is not intended to compete with or replace any capacity of local lending institutions, but strives to provide the appropriate missing share to compliment traditional financing.

RLF loans must be used for purposes which result in private sector job creation or retention, and contribute to the economic development or stabilization of Harrison County.  Loans normally finance industrial or commercial activities, including assisting for light manufacturing and service industries, where opportunities for private sector jobs are the greatest.

For more information concerning the Harrison County Revolving Loan Fund program or to obtain an application for assistance please call the Harrison County CIC office at 740-942-2027 or email meh@harrisoncountyohio.org .   The Harrison County CIC Office will be working closely with the Ohio Mid-Eastern Governments Association to administer the RLF.

Enterprise Zone

Harrison County’s Rural Enterprise Zone, which includes the entire county, reductions may be authorized for up to 60 percent of the increased value of real estate, personal property and inventory for a period of up to 10 years. Agreements are subject to approval by the Harrison County Board of Commissioners, applicable school district and the township or village in which the development is to take place. Agreements require specified levels of employment, as well as investment or expansion, annually over the life of the agreement.   For more information please follow the links in the paragraphs below.

Community Grants, Loans, Bonds, and Tax Credits

Ohio Department of Development   The Ohio Department of Development has a variety of bonds, grants, loans, and tax credits that can assist Ohio communities as they build an environment for economic development.   Harrison County works closely with ODOD to find the best program for your business, including:

• Ohio Job Creation Tax Credit
• Training Tax Credit
• Research & Development Sales Tax Exemption
• Urban and Rural Initiative
• Warehouse Machinery & Equipment Sales Tax Exemption
• Warehouse Inventory Tax Exemption
• Ohio Enterprise Bond Fund
• Ohio 166 Direct Loan
• Ohio 166 Regional Loan
• Ohio Capital Access Plus Program
• Minority Direct Loan
• Ohio Mini-Loan
• Innovation Ohio Loan Fund
• Volume Cap Program

Additional Partners:

For more information visit https://development.ohio.gov and its page on Business Grants, Loans and Tax Credits. Or contact us for more information on how we can help you locate and grow your business in Harrison County.