Harrison County, Ohio

Harrison Soil & Water Conservation District


Eastern Ohio Grazing Coucil

A meal will be provided!

Caleb Swope purchased this 11.2 acre Columbiana
County farm in 2015. It has been renovated to
forages from trees and invasive shrubs using only a chainsaw and chickens. He runs 3 Aberdeen Angus cows and 1 American Milking Devon cow with her calf on approximately 6 acres of pasture, followed by 400 laying hens using 4 mobile chicken coops.

Using Multi-specie Grazing to Best Utilize a Small Acreage Farm

Renovating Pastures with Poultry

The Economics and Challenges of Pastured Poultry

Event Details:

5061 Depot Rd, Salem, OH 44460

Thursday July 25th @ 6 PM

Please RSVP to 330-627-9852

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Eastern Ohio Grazing Council-Columbiana County
Thursday July 25th @ 6 PM
5061 Depot Rd, Salem, OH 44460