Harrison County, Ohio

Harrison Soil & Water Conservation District

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Eastern Ohio Grazing Coucil

Bargar Farms-Harrison County

The Eastern Ohio Grazing Council will be holding a pasture walk this month in Harrison County at Bargar Farms operated by the Heavilin family.

Topics will include:

Keeping up with Spring Pasture Growth

Water System Options

Winter Feeding: A Different Approach

MWCD Conservation Programs

A meal will be provided!

Event Details:

Tuesday May 23th @ 6 PM

36505 Deersville Rd
Cadiz, OH 43907

Please RSVP to 330-627-9852 by May 21st.

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Conservation In Your Backyard

Honey Bees

Conservation in your Backyard for June will be held at Thistle Glen Honey.

We will be discussing the care of honey bees and the production and processing of honey.

Event Details:

Tuesday June 4th at 6 PM

81101 Kanoski Rd
Cadiz, OH  43097

Please RSVP by June 3rd

Upcoming Events

Eastern Ohio Grazing Council-May 23rd @ 6:00 PM
36505 Deersville Rd Cadiz, OH 43907
Conservation in Your Backyard-June 4th @ 6:00 PM
81101 Kanoski Rd Cadiz, OH 43907