Harrison County, Ohio

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Costs & Deposits

The Court reserves the right to require advance deposits at any time and such advance deposits shall be in accordance with the following schedule:

Full Estate Administration (with or without Will)
Balance of costs due, if any, payable upon filing account

Release of Estate from Administration with a will $175.00
Release of Estate from Administration without a will $150.00
Summary Release with a will $100.00
Summary Release without a will $75.00
Guardianships $200.00
Trusts $200.00
Land Sale Proceedings $75.00
Will Contest $100.00
Wrongful Death $100.00
Civil Actions
(Declaratory Judgments, Will Constructions, Determination of  Heirs, and Concealed Asset Cases)
Summary Land Sale $50.00
Adoptions $200.00
Change of Name $125.00
Short Form Release $75.00
Re-open Estate $50.00
Will Only Filed $73.00
Will - Deposit Only $10.00
Birth Correction $50.00
Birth Registration $25.00
Disinternment $75.00
Ancillary Estate $200.00
Authenticated Estate $73.00
Structured Settlement $125.00
Marriage License (cash only) $42.00
Minor's Settlement $200.00
Petition to Open Safe Deposit Box $25.00