Harrison County, Ohio

Community Services

Community Housing Improvement Program (CHIP)

The Harrison County Board of Commissioners announced that the county’s application with Ohio Development Services Agency, Office of Community Development’s PY-2017 Community Housing Impact and Preservation Program (CHIP) was funded and awarded approximately $400,000 in housing funds. All activities will be implemented countywide. The activities are: Private Rehabilitation with 6 outcomes, Home Repair with 9 outcomes and rental rehabilitation with 3 outcomes.  Funds will be dispersed on a first come first serve basis. All applicants must meet low to moderate-income guidelines for Harrison County. For example, the income of a family of four must not exceed $44,300 a year and they must reside within the county.

The Home Repair program is a grant and improvements may include roofs, wiring, plumbing, heating and other structural rehabilitation items. Private Rehabilitation brings the homes up to current standards and Rental Rehabilitation brings rental units up to current standards.

All programs can fund projects anywhere within the county. Contractors interested in bidding on home repair and rehabilitation projects are encouraged to contact the CHIP office. The PY-2017 CHIP program is effective from September 1, 2017 to December 31, 2019.  For application information call 740-942-2027 or by emailing meh@harrisoncountyohio.org .

Fair Housing

Harrison County’s Fair Housing Program is administered by the Harrison County Community Improvement Corporation (HCCIC).  The goal of the Fair Housing Program is to promote and ensure equal housing opportunities to Harrison County residents. We network with area real estate and lending providers to ensure that housing markets are open to all without bias.  We believe all residents should be aware of their fair housing rights. We provide information and referral for landlord-tenant issues and situations involving possible housing discrimination.  You may call the Harrison Co. CIC office at 740-942-2027; Mon – Thurs; 8am-4pm or refer to the following links which will provide more information on Harrison County’s Fair Housing Program:

Landlord Tenant Book

Complaint Kit

Rural Hardship Septic Loan

The Harrison County CIC Office administers the Harrison County Septic Loan Fund Program which provides loans for replacement or upgrade of existing septic systems at a low interest rate.  Repayment term and interest rates are flexible, based upon the applicant's circumstances.   Interested persons should contact the HCCIC office at 740-942-2027 for more information or refer to the following links which will provide information on the Septic Loan Fund Program:

Septic System Loan Program Narrative

EPA Septic Loan Application

March 2016 Septic Installer Listing

AEP’s Neighbor to Neighbor Program

Harrison County Community Improvement Corporation (HCCIC) is the participating agency in the County that oversees the Neighbor to Neighbor Program which provides eligible customers with a utility assistance grant applied directly to their AEP Ohio bill. This grant helps limited-income customers maintain or restore their basic electric service.  Assistance is limited to once per year.

Eligibility Requirements:
Eligible households:

  • Are customers of AEP Ohio
  • Are at or below 200 percent of the Federal Poverty Income Guidelines (FPIGs).
  • Have made a sincere effort of payment on their AEP Ohio bill. A sincere effort is a minimum of $75 in the last 90 days.
  • Have a minimum balance of $50 on their AEP Ohio bill.

Interested applicants should contact the Harrison County CIC Office at 740-942-2027.