Harrison County, Ohio

Sheriffs Office General Information

The Harrison County Sheriff’s Office patrols over 405 square miles of county while serving 15,800 residents. The Sheriff provides Law Enforcement services to 6 villages with no existing police force, contract patrol for 2 villages, and supplemental police protection to 3 villages which have a part time police department. The Sheriff’s staff is comprised of 14 full time deputies and 4 part time deputies. The Sheriff’s staff is augmented by 10 reserve deputies, 10 dispatchers, 5 corrections officers, 5 appraisers who assist with Sheriff’s Sales and 2 fiscal officers. 

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The Harrison County Sheriff's Office is equipped with an enchanced 911 dispatch center. Upon receiving a 911 call in dispatch we also receive name, address, phone number and a map of the area. This system has proven to be very helpful in assisting with the EMS and Fire Departments response to 911 calls. In addition to dispatching for EMS and Fire Departments we also dispatch for our deputies as well as the other law enforcement agencies with in the county.


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Frequently Asked Questions

When involved in a crash that causes a fatality, injuries or more than $400 in property damage you must report the crash. If the crash occurred in Harrison County the Sheriff’s Office or the Wintersville Post of the Ohio State Highway Patrol may complete the report. If you struck a deer, contact your insurance company to see if they need a report.

If no criminal charges have been filed, this is a civil matter. You should always consult your attorney for help in obtaining a restraining order. In some cases involving abuse and harassment by a spouse the Tri-County Women’s Help Center www.tricountyhelp.org 942-1018 may be able to help. If domestic violence charges have been filed, the victim may request a Temporary Protection Order. The Harrison County Prosecutors Office Victims Assistant can help with this 942-2621

The Harrison County Sheriff’s Office will process all written requests for reports in 7 to 10 business days. Information such as date of report, report number or deputy who took the report should be provided in your request. Residents of the county will receive one report at no cost to them. A second report and all out of county requests will be processed at the cost $3.00 for the first 10 pages and .50 per page after. Photographs, if taken, will be provided at $1.00 per picture. If any statements were obtained with the report we will only provide you with a copy of the one you wrote. You will need to consult with your attorney to obtain any other statements through the discovery phase of a criminal trial. 

If it is a life threatening emergency you may call 911. All other requests should be directed to our business line 942-2197 or 942-2198. Calls are handled in the order they were received, but are also subject to “prioritization”, where more serious (Risk of injury, fights, etc...) calls are handled first. In some cases you may be asked to come to the Sheriff’s Office to file a report. The Sheriff will accept all requests for criminal reports but reserves the right to decline involvement in civil matters.

The Ohio Snow Level Emergency system (Level 1,2,3) is voluntary and unique to the state. After careful consideration Sheriff Myers is not issuing any snow levels. Sheriff Myers recommends you speak with your employer, and evaluate road conditions and your unique transportation options yourself, when determining if should report to work or travel. 

 All citations issued in Harrison County, regardless of the agency that issued it, should have a court date on it. If you are unsure of that date, and are an adult, you may contact the Harrison County Court at 942-8865. If you are a juvenile you may contact the Juvenile Court at 942-8862. 

If you were involved in an accident with a deer and wish to keep the carcass, you may. If you have encountered a wounded deer and wish to dispatch it and keep the carcass you may. Contact the Sheriff’s Office for a receipt, which will allow you to keep, dress and process any meat legally. 

This is a civil matter. The Sheriff’s Office will not become involved with retrieving or redistribution of personal belongings unless ordered by the court. The Sheriff will enforce all court orders. You should contact your attorney. 

Most issues involving child custody are civil in nature. If you have a court ordered custody agreement, and the other party is not abiding by the terms of the agreement, we will assist you in enforcing the court order. If there is no written and recognized agreement in place, we will document the situation but will only become involved if there are criminal charges.