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The Harrison County Auditor administers licensing for dogs, vendors, cigarettes and junk yards. Information on each can be found below.

Who is required to obtain a Retail Cigarette Dealer's License?
Anyone who sells or transports cigarettes within Harrison County must obtain and annually renew a Retail Cigarette Dealer's License. A license must be obtained for each location of business. 

Licenses are effective for one-year, from the 4th Monday in May to the 4th Monday of May the following year and must be renewed annually. The cost of a license and each annual renewal is $125.00 per location. Retail licenses purchased for a new business after the 4th Monday in May are eligible for a pro-rated fee, which is set by the State of Ohio. 

If you are transferring an existing retail cigarette dealer’s license to another location within Harrison County, you may do so at the Auditor's Office for a $5.00 fee. A copy of the original license is required at that time.

Where do I get a Retail Cigarette Dealer’s License?
Retail Cigarette Dealer's License Applications can be printed from the link below or are available through the Harrison County Auditor's Office. The completed application and the application fee, payable by check or cash, may be filed in person or mailed to, Harrison County Auditor's Office, 100 West Market Street, Cadiz OH 43907.

The application may be printed by clicking the link below:

Retail Cigarette Dealer's License Application

*Wholesale Dealer's Cigarette Licenses must be purchased directly from the Ohio Department of Taxation.  

Important Notice: Ohio passed legislation that prohibits the sale of cigarettes in Ohio that have not been approved by the Attorney General's Office. A list of brands legal for sale in Ohio may be found by searching the Ohio Attorney General website at Tobacco Enforcement. This list is periodically updated. Any brand not listed on the website is considered contraband and is subject to confiscation. Also, it is unlawful to purchase tobacco products from an unlicensed manufacturer or importer. Please visit the Ohio Department of Taxation for more information. 

Online Resources:

Retail Cigarette Dealer's License Application

Wholesale Cigarette Dealer's Information

Ohio Attorney General Tobacco Enforcement Information


The owner of a business seeking a Junk Yard License should contact the Harrison County Sheriff to request an inspection prior to applying for a license. Upon inspection and approval, the Sheriff will provide the owner a report to submit to the Harrison County Auditor. The application can then be completed and filed along with the initial filing fee of $25 at the Auditor's office. The license will be valid until January 1st of the following year. 

A license number will be assigned by the Auditor and the license should be displayed in a prominent location at the business.  The same two-part form is used to process new and renewal licenses. A renewal license must be purchased annually and displayed in the business in the same manner.  Licenses expire on the first day of January following the date of issuance. 

Annual renewal licenses are $10. Renewal applications can be completed, and payment made at the Auditor’s Office following the re-inspection and approval of the business by the Harrison County Sheriff. The inspections are intended to ensure each business is in compliance with the Ohio Revised Code (ORC). After the re-inspection, the owner will need to bring a copy of the inspection report with them to the Auditor's Office to obtain their renewal license. 

You may view the relevant Ohio Revised Code sections for Junk Yard Licenses online by accessing:  Chapter 4737 - ORC  

Ohio offers several different types of vendor licenses. Please visit the Ohio Department of Taxation to learn more about Ohio’s licensing and filing requirements and which license is right for your business. We cannot provide legal advice concerning licensing.  

Ohio law requires any person or business making retail sales of tangible personal property or taxable services to obtain a Vendor's License, collect sales tax, file electronic returns with payment of tax collected and maintain records of all transactions. There are two types of in-state Vendor's Licenses, Regular and Transient. A Regular or County Vendor's License is the only one that can be issued by the Harrison County Auditor and is required to sell products at a fixed place of business within Harrison County. Vendors with multiple locations must obtain a separate license for each location. The application for a Regular Vendor's License can be completed and filed online with the State of Ohio or in the Auditor's Office. A Transient License can only be issued by the State of Ohio and allows the Vendor to sell goods anywhere in the state. The application fee for both licenses is $25. 

As sales and use tax account holders are mandated to file returns electronically, the Auditor recommends that you apply for your Vendor's License online using the State of Ohio website: 

 Ohio Business Gateway 

At the time of your registration, you will be setting up your Gateway account which will prepare you to file your monthly returns. Visit OBG - Getting Started to begin the registration process where you can obtain information and register your account immediately. The website is also a great resource for starting a new business in Ohio and answers many questions.  

If you only require a Regular or County Vendor's License and wish to file with the Auditor's Office, you may print and complete the application provided here:

 Harrison County Vendor's License Application.

You will need to provide your FEIN or Social Security Number, legal name of the business, type of ownership, contact information, and the NAICS code. A list of common codes can be found by accessing NAICS Codes. The $25 filing fee, payable in cash or check, must accompany the application at the time of filing.

Online Resources:

Ohio Department of Taxation License Filing Requirements - helps choose which license is right for you.

Ohio Business Gateway - a great resource for starting a new business, including important dates and access to help in using the Business Gateway Website. 

Getting Started -  to register for a vendor account and file license applications online. 

County Vendor's License Application - application for Harrison County Vendor's License, to be filed with the Auditor's Office. 


Starting Your Business in Ohio- a helpful guide provided by the State of Ohio and Small Business Association for new business owners. 

Ohio Secretary of State - Business Resource - Visit the SOS website to search information for starting a business, such as name availability, filing forms and fee schedules.

Click the link below to begin your order: 

Online Dog Licensing

Kennel Licenses must be purchased at the Harrison County Dog Pound.

According to Ohio law (ORC 955.01), all dogs older than three months of age (12 weeks) must be licensed. No dog shall be harbored, kept, or owned without displaying a valid registration tag. The law applies regardless of whether the dog is kept inside or out. Having a license is also a great tool in helping to get a lost dog home. There are many cases where a dog gets loose from its owner and is able to be reunited after referencing the license number it is wearing. Dog licenses need to be renewed annually between December 1st and January 31st. License fees for Harrison County are as follow:

1 Year Dog License - $16.00 per dog
3 Year Dog License - $48.00 per dog*
Permanent Dog License - $160.00 per dog*
*3 year and permanent tags are non-refundable and are non-transferable

If you do not purchase a license during the renewal period, an additional penalty of $16.00 will be added for each late license. Failure to license a dog is a misdemeanor punishable by a maximum fine of $100.00 (ORC 955.21). All Kennel Licenses must be obtained through the Harrison County Dog Warden, (740) 942-4080.

If you just obtained a new dog, you must license the dog within 30 days from the date you acquired the dog. If you are new to Harrison County and have a dog that is licensed with another County in Ohio, you must contact the Harrison County Auditor with the information and license number within 30 days of moving to Harrison County. If you are moving from out of state or have a dog that has never been licensed in Ohio, you must purchase a license within 30 days of moving to Harrison County. 

If your dog has been declared dangerous, you can read the Auditor's policy regarding registration here, Dangerous Dog PolicyPlease contact the Harrison County Auditor's Office for further assistance in registering a dog classified as dangerous. 

If you have an assistance dog, as defined by ORC 955.011, and can show proof by certificate or other means that the dog is an assistance dog, you will be exempt from any fee for registration. The registration for an assistance dog is permanent and is not subject to annual renewal so long as the dog serves as an assistance dog. You can learn more about assistance dog registration by accessing, ORC Section 955.011. Please contact the Harrison County Auditor's Office for help in registering your assistance dog. 

Dog Licensing for the 2024 season begins December 1, 2023, through January 31, 2024.

Online Resources:  

Online Dog Licensing

ORC Chapter 955 - Dogs 

Harrison County Auditor Dangerous Dog Policy