Harrison County, Ohio


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The Harrison County Auditor issues licenses for dogs, vendors and cigarettes.

Application for Retail Cigarette Dealer's License

Who is required to obtain a Retail Cigarette Dealer's License?

Anyone who sells or transports cigarettes within Harrison County must obtain a yearly Retail Cigarette Dealer's License.

Licenses must be renewed annually and are good for one-year from the 4th Monday in May to the 4th Monday of May the following year. The cost of renewal is $125.00 per location. New retail licenses purchased for a new business after the 4th Monday in May are eligible for a pro-rated fee. Please call the Auditor's office for more information regarding new retail licenses, pro-rated license fees and after deadline license fees.

If you are transferring an existing retail cigarette dealer’s license to another location within Harrison County, you may do so at the Auditor's Office for a $5.00 fee. The original license is required at that time.

Where do I get a Retail Cigarette Dealer’s License?

Retail Cigarette Dealer's Licenses are purchased through the Harrison County Auditor's Office. Your completed application and the application fee may be submitted in person or mailed to:

Harrison County Auditor Allison Anderson

100 West Market Street, Cadiz, OH 43907
Wholesale Dealer's Cigarette Licenses must be purchased from the
Ohio Department of Taxation.

Important Notice: Ohio passed legislation that prohibits the sale of cigarettes in Ohio that have not been approved by the Attorney General's Office. A list of brands legal for sale in Ohio may be found at the State of Ohio Department of Taxation Cigarette web page.

It is illegal to possess any brand not listed on this site for sale in Ohio. Also, it is unlawful to purchase tobacco products from an unlicensed manufacturer or importer. Visit the Ohio Department of Taxation for a list of licensed cigarette manufacturers and wholesalers.

A Junk Yard license can be purchased from the Auditor’s office for a fee of $25.00. Sheriff’s office must inspect the Junk Yard and provide you with a form to bring to the Auditor’s office before a license can be issued.

The license is valid from the time it is issued until January of the following year. The renewal fee is $10.00 and a form from the Sheriff’s office is required each time it is renewed.

Every Ohio retailer (vendor) and certain service providers making taxable retail sales must obtain a vendor’s license, collect the proper amount of sales tax, file tax returns with payment of the tax collected, and maintain complete records of transactions.

Application for Vendor's License to Make Taxable Sales
You may obtain a copy of a vendor's license at the Auditor's Office for $5.00.

Who is Required to obtain a Vendor's License?

All Vendors selling a taxable product are required to get a vendors license. Vendor's licenses are used to collect state sales tax. There are two types of vendor's licenses: County and Transient.

  • County Vendor's License is required for selling taxable goods or services at a fixed location of business.
  • Transient Vendor's License is for the sale of goods at various shows and markets throughout the State of Ohio.

Use the Vendor's Application link above to fill out the application to either bring or mail it to our office. The cost is a one-time $25.00 fee as long as you are doing taxable sales and your business stays within the county.

If you move your business to another county, contact the county auditor in the new county to purchase another Vendor's License.

Transient vendor's licenses are also $25.00 but they are issued by the State of Ohio, Department of Taxation. They are available online or by calling (888) 405-4089. To file online, you may visit their website at State of Ohio Department of Taxation Sales & Use Tax Department



Kennel licenses are purchased through the Harrison County Dog Pound. (740) 942-4080.

Dog licensing for the 2020 season begins December 1st, 2019 through January 31st, 2020.

Why Should I License My Dog?

According to Ohio Law, every person who owns, keeps, or harbors a dog more than three months of age, shall, on or after the first day of December, but before the thirty-first day of January of each year, register their dog(s) with the county Auditor. (O.R.C. 955.01)

License fees must be paid in full before the deadline of January 31st each year. Failure to register is a misdemeanor punishable by a maximum fine of $100.00. (O.R.C. 955.21)

Dog Licensing Fees

1 Year Dog License - $16.00 per dog
3 Year Dog License - $48.00 per dog*
Permanent Dog License - $160.00 per dog*
  *3 year and permanent tags are non-refundable and are non-transferable.

In addition to the standard 1 year dog license, Harrison County dog owners may purchase a 3 year tag or a permanent (life of the dog) tag instead. Extended duration tags must be purchased from the Harrison County Auditors Office or Harrison County Dog Pound.

After the licensing deadline of January 31st, 1 year dog licenses will be assessed a penalty fee of $16.00 per dog.