Harrison County, Ohio

Weights & Measures

As consumers, the products we buy are sold by weight, volume, length, count, or measure. The Harrison County Auditor is required by Ohio law to inspect and ensure the accuracy of all weighing and measuring devices used commercially in the county. This includes such devices as gas pumps, vehicle scales, liquid propane meters, price scanners and retail scales such as deli, hopper and grain scales. Each weighing and measuring device must meet the specifications, tolerances and other technical requirements as prescribed by the Ohio Department of Agriculture-Division of Weights and Measures (ODA/WM). 

New or used devices that are placed into commercial use for the first time are tested to see if the device meets requirements, before being put into service, and devices are then re-tested periodically to ensure consistent measuring standards are being met. If a device is found to be inaccurate, the Auditor, working with the State Certified Inspector, can reject the device, condemn the device, or in extreme cases confiscate the device. In Harrison County, approval seals are affixed to devices to indicate they have passed inspection. This is done to provide confidence to both consumers and producers, showing that the equipment has been officially examined and approved. 

The Auditor shall see that all state laws relating to weights and measures are strictly enforced throughout the county and shall assist generally in the prosecution of all violations of such laws. In extreme cases, a matter may be turned over to the ODA/WM which in turn asks for the assistance of the Ohio Attorney General’s Office. If you have any questions regarding a weights and measures matter, please contact the Harrison County Auditor at 740-942-8861. 

Remember to look for our seal on weighing and measuring devices for your protection!