Harrison County, Ohio

Pvt. Warren H. Martin

A Medic with the 41 st Infantry Division that landed on Biak Island in the South Pacific on the 27 th of May 1944. After defeating a group of Japanese tanks on the beachhead the 41st moved inland only to be met with a terrible storm of heavy weapons fire that pinned them to the ground, it was during this time that Pvt. Martin was mortally wounded on the 28 th of May 1944.

Silver Star.png
Silver Star
(Posthumous award)

“For Gallantry in action at Biak Island on 28 June 1944. Pvt. Martin in the face of fierce Japanese mortar fire assisted in the evacuation of a seriously wounded comrade who had been caught in an unprotected position. A second time, he assisted in the evacuation of another seriously wounded man, this time through a seemingly impassable wall of fire, Pvt. Martin valiantly made a third attempt to evacuate a wounded man and this time fell mortally wounded. This un-selfish devotion to duty and courageous performance, far beyond the call of duty, exemplifies the highest traditions of the military service.”