Harrison County, Ohio

School Environmental Health

ODH's School Environmental Health Program woks to improve the environmental health of Ohio’s schools through non-regulatory means. Staff provide technical assistance and training to local health departments, school personnel and the general public. In 2006, the Ohio General Assembly passed Substitute House Bill 203, also known as Jarod’s Law. This bill required sanitarians from local health departments to conduct annual inspections of the school buildings and associated grounds contained within their jurisdictions to identify health and safety concerns. As part of this legislation, Ohio Administrative Code chapter 3701-54 was created. As of October 16, the law and rules governing school inspections under Jarod’s Law have been repealed by the Ohio Legislature. Local health departments are still required to conduct inspections and will decide on an individual basis the method they will use for these inspections ODH, in conjunction with many representatives from school organizations and public health, has created the Ohio School Environmental Health and Safety Inspection Guidance Manual. Ohio School Environmental Health and Safety Inspection Guidance Manual. This manual provides recommendations that are designed to establish a safe and healthy environment in school buildings throughout the state.