Harrison County, Ohio

RV Parks, Campgrounds and Camps

Recreational vehicle (RV) parks and campgrounds are regulated in Ohio and are subject to rules for construction, layout, drainage, sanitation, safety and operation. Rules also provide minimum standards for the construction and sanitary operation of resident camps and day camps. We have 6 operating and licensed RV Camps and 2 temporary camping events that support 2 local camping events. We also oversee several camps throughout the summer. Extra applications are available here,
Application for a License for a Park Camp  
Lisence Application for a Temperary Park Camp  
Residential Day Camp Application   

Campground collectively means:
•Recreation camp
•Recreational vehicle (RV) park
•Combined parkÔÇÉcamp
•Temporary campground

Services provided by the Harrison County Health Department:
•Technical assistance, inspections and training on the construction, operation, maintenance, and evaluation of campgrounds
•Inspections performed to ensure that the campground is constructed per the rules and approved plans
•Guidance to staff for the implementation of the campground regulatory program
•Resource for the general public relative to recreation issues, protection from disease transmission, personal safety, and complaint investigations