Harrison County, Ohio

Prevent Blindness Ohio

The goal of the Vision Care Outreach (VCO) Program is to reduce the incidence of unnecessary vision loss and impairment by providing access to a donated system of comprehensive vision care for uninsured and underinsured Ohioans.

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The Prevent Blindness Ohio Vision Care Outreach (VCO) Program is designed to provide free vision screenings, eye examinations and eyewear for those in need throughout the state of Ohio.  All resources for the VCO Program are privately donated through eye care professionals, optical businesses and partner agencies.

In order to qualify Prevent Blindness Ohio’s free eye exams and glasses a person must:

• Client must meet the most current 200% Federal Poverty Guidelines;

• Client must be an Ohio resident;

• Client cannot have any insurance that carries a vision component;

• Client has not used the VCO program for an eye exam in the last 2 years.

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To receive the free eye exam and/or eyeglasses, the client must contact the Harrison County Health Department.  The Health Department nursing staff will assist with completing the applications to qualify the client for the VCO program as well as assist with scheduling exams and arranging transportation if necessary.

A number of eye care providers throughout the state of Ohio have agreed to donate their eye care services.   Optometrists and ophthalmologists have been recruited by PBO to donate exams and eyeglasses, including Dr. Jill Barker, located at 143 West Market St., Cadiz.

Any person interested in applying for the program should contact the nursing department at (740) 942-2616  extension 5