Harrison County, Ohio

Food Safety

The Food Safety Program provides assistance in all aspects of food safety to the residents of Harrison County and the general public. Registered Sanitarians are available to provide current information on food safety as it applies to licensable food service operations (e.g., restaurants, vending machine locations, mobile and temporary food service operations). The program:

•Provides assistance to local food service operations and the public regarding issues related to:
Ohio Uniform Food Safety Code Chapter 3717‐1 of the Ohio Administrative Code.
Chapter 3717 of the Ohio Revised Code related to food service operations.
Chapter 3701‐21 of the Ohio Administrative Code related to food service operations.

•Provides critical control point and standard food service inspections, mobile food service inspections, vending machine inspections and inspection report writing.

•Approves plan review of food service operation layout.

•Acts as liaison with the Ohio Department of Health and other agencies regarding foodborne disease outbreaks involving food service operations.

For complaints on food service operations:
Food Complaint Form  

For a list of contacts relating to food service:

For a detailed description pertaining to Food Service Operation’s Categories:
Categories of Food Service Operations  

For details relating to the Cottage Food Industry: 
Cottage Foods  

To print out an application to obtain a license in Harrison County:
Application for a License to Conduct  

For requirements and guidelines on Food Service Operations, Mobiles or Temporaries:
Requirements for Mobile Food Service  
Requirements for New Food Service  
Temporary Food Service Guidelines