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Agricultural Overview


The Harrison County Community Improvement Corporation ("HCCIC") coordinates economic development activities in Harrison County. Those activities have become increasingly diversified recently, as economic development has become a multifaceted endeavor.

Harrison County is home to more than 15 small manufacturing companies, some of which have been here for more than 100 years. Many of these facilities are located in the 500 acre Harrison County Industrial Park, which is undergoing a process of evaluation and upgrading of available infrastructure throughout the park. Adjacent to the industrial park is the county airport, with a 4,300 foot runway available for business and private aircraft.

Agriculture has long been a mainstay of the Harrison County economy, and its importance is experiencing a resurgence. The availability of reclaimed land which has been strip mined for its coal provides excellent grazing for livestock and hay production. That, coupled with our location within 100 miles of more than 8 million people and our excellent access to rail and interstate highway systems, has resulted in significant interest from livestock producers for farmland in Harrison County.

Tourism and recreation are playing an increasingly important role in Harrison County's economy. The county is home to numerous sites of historical interest, including the Civil War in Eastern Ohio route and the Morgan's Raid Trail. We have numerous museums and historic sites available for visitors, and Harrison Hills Cottage Industries provides an outlet for the sale of the handcrafted products of more than 60 local artisans.

Blessed with more than 4,200 acres of public lakes, 20,000 acres of public land, and more than 100 miles of public hiking and bicycling trails and routes, Harrison County is an outdoor enthusiast's dream. And what better way to enhance a weekend of recreation and sightseeing than enjoying the comfort and hospitality of one of our bed and breakfast facilities.

HCCIC provides support for location searches, financing, and related assistance for existing and prospective businesses. We also provide assistance with agricultural, recreational, and hospitality development. Please contact us for more information.